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Big Stone

Artist: Hollen
Title: Big Stone
Label: Finetool
Catalogue Number: FINEPD030
Format: Digital Download - MP3 / WAV
Territory: Worldwide
Style: Techno / Minimal Techno
Beatport Release Date: 13.07.2011
Release Date: 13.08.2011
Additional: Remixes by Moosfiebr & La Baaz
Track list:
1. Hollen - Big Stone
2. Hollen - Big Stone (Moosfiebr Remix)
3. Hollen - Big Stone (La Baaz Remix)

Hollen - Big Stone

Inc. Remixes by Moosfiebr & La Baaz

Release information:
Producer Hollen has without doubt been blest with an unprecedented musical talent, a diamond in the rough, a gift.
Big Stone is Hollen's brand new contribution to us mortals living & breeding here on planet earth.
A perfect tune for the summer... uplifting, slamming and above all groovy... Solid as a Rock... Praise the Big Stone!!!
The Big Stone plot thickens... Notorious Moosfiebr duo have produced a remix one should reckon with. Fat, juicy, deep & pumping... Moosfiebr magic all the way...
Ending this astonishing expedition is no other than astonishing, Swiss based, progressive icon, La Baaz who leads things with a high dose of power and an overdose of intellect.
Remember - Art is not a definition... so PAUSE life & PLAY this.

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Finetool FINEPD030

Hollen - Big Stone [DEMO][FINEPD030] by finetool

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