Ben Lb Vs. Bionex - Croogle
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Artist: Ben Lb Vs. Bionex
Title: Croogle
Label: Finetool
Catalogue Number: FINEPD025
Format: Digital Download - MP3 / WAV
Territory: Worldwide
Style: Techno / Techno
Beatport Release Date: 25.05.2011
Release Date: 25.05.2011
Track list:
1. Ben Lb Vs. Bionex - Croogle
2. Ben Lb Vs. Bionex - Croogle (Ted Dettman Remix)
3. Ben Lb Vs. Bionex - Croogle (Davide Giugliano Remix)


Ben Lb Vs. Bionex - Croogle

Inc. Davide Giugliano & Ted Dettman Remixes

Release information:
According to the Urban dictionary, a Croogle is: a type of laugh. itís just a HAH!!! short and loud immediately attracting attention causing people to stare and also laugh.
According to Finetool, Croogle is the uplifting, deep & rumbling result of the collaboration of 3 fine Frenchman.
Ben Lb & 2 man act, Bionex, have cooked up a remarkable hypnotic stomper full of energy and style. An illuminating saga inflated by a spectrum of sound and color.
To enhance the already enhanced experience we have included two additional interpretations in the form of two delicious remixís from Ted Dettman & Davide Giugliano.
Serbian talent Ted Dettman adds a punchy twist to the story, a monster remix, perfect for use at peak time level. Tedís rocking releases have immediately been picked up by top international Djís and labels... we suggest you start following this complex creature, in case you havenít yet.
Italian genius Davide Giugliano has skillfully and efficiently manipulated the track, adding a high dose of progressive and strong percussive elements... This is Da SH**!!!


A definite name to follow...

Remember - Art is not a definition... so PAUSE life & PLAY this.

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Finetool FINEPD025

Ben Lb Vs. Bionex - Croogle (Inc. Davide Giugliano / Ted Dettman Remixes) [FINEPD025][DEMO] by finetool

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