Artist: Antoni Bios
Title: Black Magic
Label: Finetool
Catalogue Number: FINEPD015
Format: Digital Download - MP3 / WAV
Territory: Worldwide
Style: Techno
Release Date: 02.02.2011
Xtra: Incl. Tomy DeClerque remix

Track list:
1. Antoni Bios - Black Magic
2. Antoni Bios - Black Magic (Tomy DeClerque Remix)

Release information:
Antoni Bios is the dude in charge of opening another Finetool of a year with a massive BANG!!!
With an impressive line of successful releases, Antoni is without doubt on the road to stardom.
The title Black Magic wasn't picked by chance, this is ruthless stomper, deep, dark, percussive and aggressive with a high dose of charm.
A track which definitely stands out... a complimentary offer to the demanding dance floor.
Tomy DeClerque needs no formal introduction, this multitalented producer has been on the spotlight for quite some time.
Tomy's remix maintains the raw flavor of the original offering, masterfully boosting it with an unprecedented stream of thrilllllllll...


Remember - Art is not a definition... so PAUSE life & PLAY this.

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